Let's change the world one garden at a time!

The innovative design kitchen garden
Cultivate all year round in the classroom

"Orto di Classe" school workshop

Eco-Innovative Tools and Educational Paths of Environmental Education, designed by BioPic for Kindergartens, Primary, first grade and Secondary secondary schools. Environmental Education and Sustainable Development today represents a challenge that can no longer be postponed. It is therefore necessary to make the children protagonists of numerous social responsibility actions, guiding them to direct contact with the Environment and Nature.






Let's change the world one garden at a time!

I am happy to participate in the BioPic project to bring the gardens back to town! And then they smell the whole house, a true aromatherapy.

Paolo Gibbi

As a teacher, I discovered how easy it is to teach love for nature with a class garden. And we can also grow in winter!


Being eco-sustainable is a field choice. picking my basil, sage or rosemary directly in the kitchen makes the difference

Michele Bravi

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