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Vertical garden of exclusive design. The only ultra-resistant structure, with wheels, in laser-cut interlocking wood, naturally impregnated. You can grow all year round from seedling or from seed even at home. Grow on 4 levels. Facilitated irrigation system: The water rains down from one level to the other and is equipped with a water collection tank to avoid soiling the floor. You can recycle excess water and save up to 70%. amaze with organic and made in italy quality

How it works...


Special LED light




Used and tested by star chefs!

Biopic allows you to cultivate any space, to always have fantastic aromatic plants or flowers to cook or decorate your spaces and make them more eco-sustainable. Our gardens clean the air you breathe making photosynthesis possible for your plants, they will produce oxygen and eliminate the pollutants present in your home. Orto Gourmet has been used for over a year by some of the most important Italian restaurants with Michelin stars including the Fourghetti in Bologna.

"Bringing the earth back home is going back to the roots, regaining a healthier relationship with our food"

Let's change the world one garden at a time!

I am happy to participate in the BioPic project to bring the gardens back to town! And then they smell the whole house, a true aromatherapy.

Paolo Gibbi

As a teacher, I discovered how easy it is to teach love for nature with a class garden. And we can also grow in winter!


Being eco-sustainable is a field choice. picking my basil, sage or rosemary directly in the kitchen makes the difference

Michele Bravi

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