Top Rome Street Food Tour with BioPic Food Academy™: Pasta Class, and Urban Horticulture in Rome

ROME – At the heart of culinary innovation and urban agriculture, BioPic stands out as a beacon of excellence and sustainability. Founded by Renato Reggiani in 2005, BioPic is not just a smart food academy with the new brand “Top Rome Street Food™“; it’s a bridge between Italian culinary tradition and the most modern techniques of urban and sustainable agriculture. Through cooking courses based on “learning by doing” methodologies, particularly the beloved “pasta class”, and horticulture projects for children from Kindergartens to High Schools and Technical and Hospitality Institutes, BioPic educates and inspires a new generation of chefs, farmers, and food enthusiasts who are more aware of their choices for shared well-being.

BioPic’s activities range from the cultivation of LED gourmet gardens, ideal for those living in the city and desiring a green corner at home, to the Orto di Classe™, a project aimed at schools to teach young people the importance and value of agriculture (Biopic) (Biopic). One of their most innovative projects is the Orto DolceVita, the first garden on wheels, which combines the practicality of a home garden with the ease of mobility, making urban agriculture accessible to everyone (Biopic).

BioPic’s cooking courses and crowded “Pasta Class” are renowned not only for the quality of teaching but also for the welcoming and stimulating atmosphere that Biopic™ and its team can create. These courses attract a diverse audience, from young students to adult cooking enthusiasts, from tourists curious to discover the secrets of Italian cuisine to experts in sustainable food. The fusion of culinary art and environmental sustainability is at the core of BioPic’s ethics, which sees food not just as a pleasure to taste but also as a vehicle for a greener and more sustainable future. This year, it is also possible to attend courses dedicated to Italian “Street Food“, precious gems to be discovered together with Biopic’s “Foodies” teachers in Rome, Naples, and Palermo.

BioPic has received numerous awards for its commitment to promoting sustainable and innovative practices in the field of urban agriculture and cooking. These awards are a testament to the importance and impact of its team’s work, who with passion and dedication continue to inspire and educate future generations of cooking and environmental sustainability enthusiasts.

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