Orto Gourmet

Your small garden in the big city...

BioPic: bring the sun in your home

For you who are a lover of nature, for you who love good food, for you who care to have a healthy and tasty diet. For all of you BioPic has created the first mini kitchen garden in the world that brings you the Mediterranean sun at home and consumes only 9 Watts!

Grow what you want wherever you want

Our technology is combined with natural materials, untreated natural wood is laser cut to ensure perfect joints without even needing a screw. Our Gourmet Garden is not only a household appliance but a real functional piece of furniture that furnishes, illuminates and offers you maximum freedom to choose what and how to grow in it. The first rechargeable vegetable garden in the world. You can decide whether to use our "Orto per metro" cartridges or to use your seeds or plants. You will always have the guarantee of a super-perfumed basil or wonderful orchids.

How does it work?

Plants are creatures of light and our special photosynthesis stimulating lamp, with an incredibly low consumption, only 10 Watts, entirely designed and built in Italy with Osram certified components, offers plants a light similar to that found in the Mediterranean in the month on June. The aromatics will have a superior aroma and you can inebriate yourself with the scents of your plants simply by touching them or using them for your recipes or cocktails.

Tested from Best Chef for you...

Orto Gourmet works, it is not just a gadget, but a real appliance with an exclusive design, tested for over two years in the most important professional Italian kitchens. In the photo Renato Reggiani founder of BioPic ™ and Erik Lavacchielli of the starred Fourghetti restaurant in Bologna. Thanks to our Gourmet Garden, cocktails are more fragrant and the Biopic aromatic add an extra touch to the fantastic starry cuisine of the chef and his brigade.