The long post COVID quarantine has prompted us to seek new solutions that allow us to transform places and internal environments into pleasant places rich in nature, managing to exploit the technologies available to us to grow plants, flowers and herbs even when we cannot use the light of the sun.

Inside an office, a nightclub, a city kitchen, or a bookcase in your living room, our Sun effect LEDs allow you to give your plants the natural nourishment of light they need. We call it Eco-Friendly Technology.

Imagine being able to guarantee your plants sunny days every day, and being able to do so with a consumption slightly higher than that of a traditional light bulb, thanks to BioPic technology you can have your little sun every day!

Our special lamps are water resistant, do not emit heat from the lower side and are characterized by their particular pink light.

Since childhood we know that chlorophyll photosynthesis not only makes the life of plants possible, but also helps the life of man and other living beings, but in the city, in our apartment, office or local, this important process cannot take place without the presence of greenery and light.
This is why we have invented, inspired by a space-derived technology, Led lamps able to pamper the plant and allow it to grow strong and healthy by simulating the effect of the Sun and stimulating their photosynthesis.
Thus we help the city to breathe clean air, purified by CO2 through plants.

What is Chlorophyll Photosynthesis?

The “chlorophyll photosynthesis” is the production of nutrients for the plant in the presence of light and chlorophyll (ie the substance that, among other things, makes the leaves green).

When light hits the leaves, chlorophyll activates and transforms carbon dioxide, water and mineral salts absorbed by the roots into nutrients for the plant (sugars and starches) and oxygen.

Oxygen is released into the environment and into the air through small holes on the leaves, while sugars and starches are used by the plant to live, grow, flower and produce seeds and fruits.

Since chlorophyll photosynthesis is triggered by light, it occurs only during the day.

During the night, in fact, the plant breathes and releases carbon dioxide into the environment, just like us. “