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Biopic ™ allows you to create a small green space in your home or garden, on the terrace or on the balcony, taking up very little space. With biopic can grow vegetables, plants and flowers. You can enter in your biopic already large plants or planting and follow up step by step.

With our SEMINAFACILE Kit ™ you can have a garden plot at hand and sow organic vegetables is easy and fun.


Unfortunately Biodiversity and organic are disappearing from the big cities. Biopic ™, completely green and natural, is fighting the greenhouse effect, the increase in the modern city of CO2 and pollutants in homes, creating a small ecosystem of biodiversity able to bring to town good insects like butterflies and ladybugs. Thus bringing to town the vegetable tradition, the health of the biological and the beauty of a small green space.


Our by internal structures are equipped with special Stimulators of Photosynthesis which replace the solar light, enabling the growth of plants, flowers and vegetables throughout the year even in areas with poor brightness. The benefits of these stimulators allow plant roots to grow 50-200% higher than the traditional method of cultivation, to reach maximum productivity in a small space; plus our stimulators consume as a tradition bulb. A high-tech system but totally ecological and natural.