Your little garden in a big city!

"I wish I had a Garden in the terrace or in the house but I can not." How many times have you given up that thought? We have the solution! We have invented a structure to cultivate a real Organic Garden in a small space, equipped with wheels to take light from all sides and to be able to clean or move it easily. Moreover, its irrigation is facilitated and has a large collection tank at the base that prevents drips and allows you to recycle every drop of water and nutritious. By unscrewing the structure of cultivation trays with handles, you can work in comfort by resting them on a table and keen so fun to grow your own food to 0 cm. With our SeminaFacile ™ then you will be able to grow without worrying about weeds or birds and insects harmful to the seeds: you will just have to wait the harvest.

Each BioPic Vertical Garden has the unique ability to create something, for this reason we believe it's important to give value to life that it nourishes and preserves.

Each BioPic will live better thanks to your little gestures!

The Vertical Kitchen Garden is an interlocking structure in Bio Wood.

Its design makes it compatible with internal and external environments.

It consists of 4 levels.

On each level there is arranged a cultivation pot, removable from the structure and perforated at the bottom to irrigation to rain from one level to another.

The structure is movable thanks to its four wheels, which allow, external and internal displacements, easy cleaning and a total rotation that allows plants to obtain up to 200% of sunlight.
Our mission is to bring plants and vegetable gardens at home, recreating that bond with food and nature that was lost, in the big modern cities and increase biodiversity.

Our basic version of Vertical Garden Terrace complements other two special versions: BlackBoard for growing outdoor and  DolceVita Vertical Garden Sun Effect for growing indoors.

  • Blackboard Vertical Kitchen Garden  is characterized by its total black look given to him by a special board in powder coating, making it in effect a small blackboard. It is thus possible to write and draw on its entire surface with plaster or liquid chalk markers.
  • DolceVita Sun Effect Vertical Kitchen Garden  is a structure in wood, with a particular LED technology that allows the cultivation in the interior spaces or in low light. Thanks to special Stimulants of Photosynthesis in fact replaces the sunlight, allowing you to grow throughout the year. Your little sun!

The Vertical Garden Outdoor Version is available in the colors: Walnut Wood, Blackboard.

The Vertical Kitchen Garden Indoor LED technology Version is available in the color: Walnut Wood.

Dimensions Vertical Kitchen Garden (Outdoor and Indoor):

H122 cm (wheels) cm x L144 x P37 cm