Organic Radishes

 4,90 IVA inclusa


SeminaFacile ™ Kit is a soft natural material made of cellulose. Inside of it we have entered  organic seeds positioned in the correct position for sowing and with the addition of organics nutrients. Seminafacile™ will give life to your garden.

Using SeminaFacile ™ you won’t have to worry about how many seeds and how deep you need to plant it. You just have to roll out the map on the soil and keep it moist.

The kit is biodegradable and it disappears after about 30 days. It is a natural fertilizer that gives nourishment at the soil of your plants.

Thanks to SeminaFacile ™  weeds don’t grow in your vases anymore. Your organic seeds are protected from animals and heavy precipitations, without digging and without dirtying your hands!