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“Giulietta” Wall Kitchen Garden

 199,00 IVA inclusa


The “Giulietta” Wall Kitchen Garden designed by BioPic is a special rectangular structure in wood that can be easily mounted on wall.

Perfect for those who want to save space and grow their own small kitchen garden in your kitchen, living room or office.

Giulietta has an advanced technology that allows you to grow faster with our photosynthesis stimulators. These replaces the sunlight and allow cultivation also in shadow areas of the room of your home.

You can grow organic vegetables and plants at home 365 days per year!

Photosynthesis stimulator is a LED technology. It can be controlled with app on your smartphone, with wi-fi system.

Growing everyday your plants also without sunlight

Available in colors: Natural wood (easily customized with colors natural impregnating)


Wall biopic includes:

Structure in wood with vase

Stimulator of photosynthesis controlled by App

Possible regulation of the photoperiod: day / night

They can withstand high percentage of humidity, dust, as well as environmental temperature and room changes

Maximum productivity in a small space

Energy Consumption of just 12/16 W stimulator, safe with 24 Volt power supply.

Compliant to the strictest regulations IP 54 and IP 67 for safe and practical use

Designed to sustain long periods of work

3 Seminafacile ™ Kit
Giulietta Dimensions in Cm: h35,3 x l38,5 x p17,5