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“Federico” Table Kitchen Garden



Your own little garden in the big city.

“Federico” Table Kitchen Garden

It is a rectangular structure in wood. Federico uses our particular technology system that speeds the growth of your plants. These are our photosynthesis stimulator, an innovating technology that stimulates the naturally photosyntesis of plants. Thanks to it your plants produces oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide.

The photosynthesis stimulators are easily controllable by app on your smartphone, through a wi-fi system.

Federico can be placed on a desk in the office, on the top of your kitchen or integrated into a furniture.

Color avaible: Natural wood

Federico is inclusive of:

  • Wood Structure
  • Our photosynthesis stimulator
  • Power supply
  • Two vases
  • 3 Kit SeminaFacile™


Dimensions in cm: H35,3  x W38,5  x D27,5