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“DolceVita” Vertical Garden with Sun Effect

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DolceVita vertical garden has an innovative and sustaineble design. It is a structure in wood very easy to assembly for its interlocking design without screws. It is composed of 4 levels, on each level there is a growing vase, removable from the structure.  The irrigation system is based on the dropping water from the vase of the first level up to the other vases down. Water falls at the last one vase that collect all the extra water. It allows the water and nutrients recycling that are usually lost, so you can nourish your plants again.

The Vertical Garden designed by BioPic  DolceVita is designed to be compatible with indoor and outdoor spaces and easily movable thanks to its comfortable wheels. It can totally rotate and it allows to have up to 200% of sunlight per day, ideal for plants growth.


Our technology is based on photosynthesis stimulator that allows to grow faster your vegetables, in fact it can replace the sunlight allowing a fast growth, even if your plants are located in shadow areas.

You can grow organic vegetables and plants at home 365 days per year!

Photosynthesis stimulator is a LED technology. It can be controlled with app on your smartphone, with wi-fi system.


Maximum productivity in a small space

Energy Consumption of just 12/16 W stimulator, safe with 24 Volt power supply.

Controlled by App

Cultivate everyday also without sunlight

Possible regulation of the photoperiod: day / night

Compliant to the strictest regulations IP 54 and IP 67 for safe and practical use

Designed to sustain long periods of work

They can withstand high percentage of humidity, dust and environmental and room changes temperature

Risultati immagini per osram led technology includes

Colors available: Brown Mahogany